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[Beta] Live Tournament #1

Post by DR Sun Mar 04, 2018 3:15 pm

[Beta] Live Tournament #1 Oie_9q10

 Welcome to Live Tournament #1. This Tournament will last about 3-4 hours if you don't have time please do not sign up!

   Please read the Rules bellow:

   >> Duels are best 2/3 (Matches)

   >> Rounds last 50 minutes (Rounds start 5 minutes after announcement).
   Then we play 5 rounds and the player with the most LP wins (Time)

   >> 10 minutes of innactivity results in a game lose. 15 minutes in a match        lose

   >> Disconnection results in a game Loss (You lose the whole match), unless    the 2 players agree to play again or find another solution

   >> Tournament will start when 8-16 people are signed up

   >> TCG cards can ONLY be used

   >> Cards that haven't been printed yet can only be used if they are part        of an already existing deck

   >> You can NOT change Deck between Rounds

   >> We follow the latest TCG rules and mechanics of the official Yu-Gi-Oh!    card game

 We follow the latest TCG Banlist of the official Yu-Gi-Oh! card
 game + the changes below:

Exclusive DECK bans: 

Burn/Stall , Pendulum Magician, Pendulum FTK, Zefra, Trickstar,

Lightsworn Zombies, True Draco, Invoked

  Exclusive CARD bans:  -

 If you break the rules above or disrespect
 your opponents you will get DISQUALIFIED!

 Tournament Rounds and information will be announced in our Chatbox.
 For this tournament we are going to use the Dueling Book dueling platform.

 To sign up simply reply "IN" and your Dueling Book username
 to this post. Your reply must be like that:

     Dueling Book Name: 

Tournament Started

To see the brackets click

-> HERE <-

Tournament Finished

Winner: PaNiCMaKeRz
2nd Place: paul17316ccc
3rd Place: (X_x(O=(-_-O) KO Kid
4th Place: I have discarded my life.

~Ranking Points updated~



Ranking Points : 100

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